3D-MID - Molded Interconnect Devices

3D-MID-technology (MID: molded interconnect devices) of spatially integrated electronic circuit carriers enables a direct connection of mechanical, electronic, and optical functions on injection molded components or films. The PCB-tracks are directly integrated in the case and substitute the conventional printed circuit board. The MID-technology offers high degree design flexibility with miniaturization and weight reduction at the same time by 3-dimensional component geometry.

Safety Relevant Fields of Application

Multiple safety relevant fields of application such as e.g. the automotive area are in the center of MID-technology. Permanent functional safety of the MID-components must be guaranteed here in spite of rough surroundings and preconditions. In addition to that, medical technology, telecommunication technology, measurement technology and analysis technology, as well as aerospace are typical fields for applying MID-technology.

MIDs are Manufactured in the Following Processes Based on Current State-of-the-Art Technology:

  • Laser direct structuring (additive und subtractive)
  • Two components injection molding
  • Hot embossing
  • Film back injection molding