About MID Solutions GmbH

MID Solutions GmbH was founded in Bad Grund/district Gittelde on 1 October 2009. A production area of about 2,400 m2 is available to MID Solutions GmbH on the premises of the former FUBA Printed Circuits GmbH.

MID Solutions GmbH with its team of young and dynamic staff offers service and production solutions for plating electrotechnical and mechatronical components, which are used in the areas automotive industry, medical technology, but also antenna technology, and IT. We have the possibility to develop individual solutions for sophisticated components of the MID-technology, but also for components that have to be completely plated “plating on plastic” by yearlong “know-how” and the existing technical infrastructure.

We have been able to establish as a reliable and respectable partner and service provider for regional and international entrepreneurs by continuous company growth and investments in new, qualified, and motivated staff. Our references »

Our quality and service have been qualified according to ISO 9001:2008 since 2013.

Production Units

Our production area in the location Bad Grund comprises 4 production lines, one development laboratory, as well as quality management, and quality inspection.

The Production Lines are Divided into:

  1. Electroless Copper
  2. Electroless Nickel/Gold
  3. Galvanized Copper and Nickel

A fourth unit for a galvanized gold-bath is currently under development.

Plating Processes

On the basis of our long-term experience, it is possible for us to introduce suitable plating solutions for nearly all plastic materials and component geometries.

Plastic Materials:

ABS Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
LCP Liquid crystal polymer
PA Polyamide
PBT Polybutylene terephthalate
PC Polycarbonate
PEI Polyetherimide
PPA Polyphthalamide

Production Line – Electroless Copper

  • Computer guided unit with individual programs
  • Automated dosing unit
  • Carrier-movement: fully automated
  • Bath volume:
    Step 1: 280 liters
    Step 2: 600 liters

Production Line – Electroless Nickel/Gold

  • Computer guided unit with individual programs
  • Automated dosing unit
  • Carrier-movement: fully automated
  • Bath volume:
    Nickel: 1000 liters
    Gold: 450 liters

Production Line – Galvanized Copper and Nickel

  • Computer guided unit with individual programs
  • Carrier-movement: fully automated
  • Bath volume:
    Galvanized copper: 2300 liters
    Galvanized nickel: 2500 liters